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Project "Sail with Aliplast"

In May Aliplast Group started cooperation with the Pogodny Children's Home in Lublin. The local community is very important in the company's responsible business strategy, and thus all activities in this area are of great importance for the employees and the possibility of personal involvement.

Therefore, in cooperation with the Pogodny Children's Home, we have established a project "Sail with Aliplast". The wards of the facility have a chance to gain a Certificate of competence in inland skipper and new skills, and for many of them - a new life passion. Before this happens, they will have to pass a general knowledge test, attend lectures with instructors, participate in about 2 weeks of practical classes, and finally take the national exam. They will be supported by the Lublin University of Technology Yacht Club.

Aliplast is cheering and keeping fingers crossed for all the children participating in this project.

See you on the water!

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