Architectural aluminium systems
for building industries
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Architectural aluminium systems
for building industries
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FR 90

  • thermally insulated fire protection system; structures designed on the basis of the FR90 system feature fire rating EI30 (E1) and I60 (E1)
  • installation depth: 90 mm
  • symmetrically designed profile, inner chamber filled with gypsum infill elements (between thermal separation sheets) – for EI30; all chambers filled with gypsum – for EI60
  • compatible with systems with the installation depth of 90 mm (STAR)
  • possibility of using a triple glazing unit (glazing: 20 mm to 68 mm)
  • option of panel infill (panel thickness 60 mm):
    - mineral wool filed panels (Up = 0.57 W/m2K)
    - gypsum filled panels
  • application: indoor and outdoor installations
  • structures: single and double doors, fixed glazing
  • maximum dimensions of the tested structure: 6000 x 3000 mm (fixed wall, single glass pane)
  • maximum dimensions of single-leaf doors: 1650 x 2870 mm
  • maximum dimensions of double-leaf doors: 3170 x 2870 mm
  • single-point and multi-point door locks, electric door strikes
  • cover plate hinges, roller hinges
  • solutions with and without thresholds
  • door kick plates (high plinth block)
  • option of air vent installation
  • optimised profiles (one profile type for the door frame and leaf)
  • quick and simple prefabrication (no processing of the glazing bar)
  • acoustics – acoustic testing of double doors featuring fire rating EI30 and EI60 for indoor and outdoor installations: 39 to 47 dB
  • a wide range of colours – RAL palette (Qualicoat 1518), structural colours, Aliplast Wood Colour Effect (Qualideco PL-0001), anodized (Qualanod 1808) and bi-colour
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Wood Colour


Thermal insulation:  with thermal insulation,
Frame profile depth:  90 mm,
Burglary resistance:  RC2,
Leaflet  FR90
Leaflet FR90

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