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Screen Hide


SCREEN HIDE is a modern zip screen type sunshade system that protects against sunlight and ensures an appropriate level of shading. Screen type sunshades are very functional solutions as they often replace the mosquito net and, when using a blackout fabric, provide effective shading. The wide range of colours of the structural components and fabrics means that the Screen Hide can be perfectly customised for both modern and traditional architectural buildings.

  • box shape – 90°
  • flush-mounting system: boxes of the shutter structure are placed under the thermal insulation layer to be integrated perfectly with the building façade
  • the system is equipped with guides featuring an intensity compensation system; a variant of spacer bars with lintel thermal insulation is also available
  • the special positioning of the fabric in the two-part side guides means that the fabric is properly tensioned and firmly secured in the guide to guarantee wind resistance
  • a ballast beam that is completely concealed within the box dimension ensures optimum light access to the room when the screen is open
  • minimum visible width of the guide profile: 30 x 50 mm
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Wood Colour


Structural elements

The structural elements of the screens are made of high-quality powder-coated aluminium profiles. By using aluminium, the durability and strength of the structure is guaranteed for years of use. The guides and boxes are available in a wide range of colours: full RAL, textured colours, Aliplast Wood Colour Effect, stone-imitating colours Aliplast Loft View, anodised. Quality and durability are guaranteed by the following certificates: Qualicoat 1518, Qualideco PL-0001 and Qualanod 1808.


The selection of high quality fabrics includes transparent and opaque fabrics that, as they reflect and absorb sunlight, can reduce it by as much as 100% (depending on the choice of fabric), while also reducing UV radiation.

Automatic control

The zip screen type sunshade system can be operated automatically both with a remote control and a switch. The screens can be integrated with a smart building control system. There is option of grouping shutters and drive installation together with an obstacle detection sensor.


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