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AZA-45/ALIPLAST CNC milling machine

The AZA-45 CNC milling machine by Aliplast has been designed taking into account the needs of our Customers. It is a high-end CNC machine optimised for parameters for machining engineered profiles by Aliplast. However, the possibilities of the machine go beyond the processing of aluminium profiles: the milling machine can easily handle the machining of plastics, wood, wood-like products or even steel.

  • The structural frame of the milling machine is based on a rigid, robust structure made by welding materials of very high quality. The drive is implemented by ball screws driven by servostep motors. Such a combination ensures high precision and machining accuracy. The supports are guided with linear trolleys with very high rigidity.
  • The cooling system (oil mist) is controlled by software.
  • The milling machine features a reliable spindle made in Italy, with the revolutions being controlled by an interface, with the possibility of variable rev speed control in the range of 8000-18000 rpm. Manual control with the so-called "rod" is also possible.
  • The machine is provided with a sensor for measuring the height of the tool.
  • The operator panel is connected to the machine using a flexible cable enabling its movement.
  • The control panel features an industrial computer with an HMI touch panel.
  • The milling machine is equipped with a pneumatic clamping system with adjustable clamping force to ensure rigid and secure fixing of the workpiece.
  • With the use of side tables, it is possible to machine long profiles.
  • Precision milling with high accuracy ensures repeatability and high machining quality.
  • The machine is controlled by means of ISO G-codes and is also equipped with a USB port to import programs and machining tasks from portable memory.
  • The machine is equipped with a wired manual controller to ensure precise machining in 3 axes.


Rafał Sidor
E: rafal.sidor@aliplast.pl
T: +48 81 710 68 47
M: +48 607 566 576

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Technical features:

X-axis work zone Y-axis work zone Z-axis work zone Spindle power Spindle revolutions
250 mm 150 mm 250 mm 2,2 kW 5000-18000 rpm
Milling machine by Aliplast
Milling machine by Aliplast

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