Bioclimatic pergola NUUN ECO
the best choice of terrace roofing


Pergola NUUN ECO


The NUUN ECO pergola is a terrace roof consisting of automatically rotating slats, providing natural air circulation, as well as protection against sun and rain.

  • available options of the NUUN ECO pergola: free-standing, wall-mounted
  • the pergola construction is made of powder-coated extruded aluminium profiles
  • the roof of the pergola consists of movable aluminium blades  chamber type 
  • angle of rotation of the blades: 0˚ to 110˚
  • the blades of the NUUN ECO adheres tightly to the frame, creating a tight roof due to the use of gaskets in the blades and the structural frame
  • the construction is equipped with an integrated water drainage system in the post
  • possible installation of additional elements and system extension: linear LED lighting, heat radiator, zip screen
  • sliding glass door system (Slide Glass system)
  • with the joint of profiles at an angle of 90˚, the construction ensures simple assembly and prefabrication
  • available option of elevated crown /top extension/ which conceals opening blades and the actuator during operation
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Wood Colour


  • Zip screen sunshades. High-quality trans-lucent and non-transparent fabrics, a wide range of colours allow perfect adaptation of the roller shutter to the building design.
  • Sliding system for glass installation with- out thermal insulation – Slide Glass. The system features the minimum visibility of the edges of aluminium profiles, ensuring transparency and visual simplicity of the construction.
  • Linear lighting located in the pergola slat and on the construction frame. Available: white linear lighting. Cabling aesthetically concealed in the construction. Additional option of changing luminous intensity. Remote-controlled or control via an app.

Pergola NUUN ECO



  • Weather sensors ensure comfort and safety.  The rain, wind and snow sensor in the case of adverse weather conditions sends a signal so that the roller shutters can automatically react by closing to protect the equipment on the terrace. 
  • The heat radiator system is a modern and safe heating solution. Controlled via a ra- dio remote control
  • Automation - The innovativeness of the design of bioclimatic pergolas provides the possibility of equipping it with an automatic control system. Automated pergola – a more comfortable house. Possible control via a remote control, phone or connection of the pergola control system to the home automation control panel will ensure comfort and convenience.


NUUN ECO terrace canopies are available in a wide range of colours. Available in full RAL palette, structural colours, Aliplast Wood Colour Effect colours, Aliplast Loft View stone-imitating colours, bi-colour. Quality and durability are guaranteed by the Qualicoat 1518, Qualideco PL-0001, and Qualanod 1808 certificates.


SPECIFICATION Wall-mounted Free-standing
Maximum width 4 000 mm 4 000 mm
Maximum outreach 7 010 mm 6 860 mm
Maximum height 3 000 mm 3 000 mm
Wind load 500 Pa (wind blowing at 100 km/h) - perpendicular to the roof plane*

* with a construction with a zip screen system - the zip must be raised

2 outreach types:

  • standard version of the NUUN ECO 75 mm pergola construction
  • construction of the NUUN ECO pergola with the elevation/crown concealing slats and +150 mm actuators in the structure


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